Portable Wallet Market Soars High on Back of Growing Adoption of Smart Phones

  • Published Date : 20, October 2019

Portable wallet alludes to the technology that includes storing debit and credit card information in the smart telephone. In other words, the technology eradicates the need to physically keep the cards, but just take care of the tab with the assistance of the smart telephone which has stored the credentials of bank details, card and internet banking information.

Market Overview

According to the study found on Pro Market Statistics, the worldwide portable wallet market was estimated at USD 882.20 billion out of 2016 and is projected to be esteemed at USD 9,442.19 billion by 2024. The market will expand further at a CAGR of 32.03% during the forecast time frame (2016-2024).

Drivers and Restraints

With developing technology, and promotion of digital economy by different government bodies around the world, the versatile wallet market is set to develop at a tremendous pace. Developing utilization of smart telephone coupled with prospering internet business industry has been answerable for the incredible execution of the portable wallet market the world over. Throwing light on the latest trend, NFC chip empowered smart telephone is exhibited to further fuel the market, since countless smart telephone manufacturers are furnishing the telephones with NFC.

Be that as it may, increasing security proliferation and security is a portion of the key restraints negatively affecting the versatile wallet market. Although the market restraints are prevalent, different companies having a place with the telecommunication industry are collaborating to better serve the necessities of their customers, by enjoying innovations related to as good as every product and administrations.

Market Segmentation

The worldwide market for portable wallet is segmented based on consumer types, functionalities, client age gatherings, and application.

By consumer types, the market is segmented into card clients, online customers, and money players.

By functionalities, the market is segmented into multiple function, single function, and general function.

By client age gathering, the market is segmented into 18-29 years, 30-44 years, 45-59 years and 60 years and above.

The different applications of portable wallet are versatile coupons, money transfer, versatile commerce transactions, versatile ticketing, micropayments and different others. Among these, the retail segment is set to hold a substantial market share during the forecast time frame because of the increasing number of retail stores over the globe alongside the popularity for convenient transactions.

Provincial Analysis

The worldwide versatile wallet market is split into the key locales of North America, Asia Pacific, Europe and the Rest of the World.

 Among every one of the areas, Asia Pacific is driving the worldwide market and will lead eve throughout the audit time frame. The tremendous growth of the market in the Asia Pacific countries can be attributed to the scaled down costs of smart telephones. In addition, the recent demonetization in India has resulted in the fast acceptance of versatile wallet payment modes prompting monstrous growth in the everyday transaction. Different companies, for example, Paytm have taken advantage of demonetization by having different offers which encourage the utilization of portable wallets instead of money.

Key Players

A portion of the prominent players in the worldwide versatile wallet market are Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., Microsoft Corp. Inc, Sprint Corporation, MasterCard Incorporated, One97 communications, Google Inc., Visa Inc., Citrus Payment Solutions, Alipay, Bank of America, First Data Corporation, AT&T INC., Citibank, Blackberry Ltd., Apple Inc., American Express Paytm, PayPal, Vodafone, Amazon.Com and Airtel Money. Industry Development October 2018 – Paytm has entered a partnership with the Japanese portable wallet administration, which is a joint venture between the Japanese SoftBank and Yahoo Japan. This will be Paytm's second worldwide dispatch after having made its essence felt in Canada offering comparative help.